Five reasons not to weigh yourself

weightloss scales
It’s motivating to see your body is changing when you are getting into shape. But stepping on the bathroom scales is a risky way to measure progress, especially as you get closer to your goal weight.

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t weigh your success.

1. Scales show weight, not body composition

Muscle weighs more than fat. So, the number on the scales can stay the same or even increase as you gain muscle and lose body fat. Scales don’t measure these positive metabolic changes.

2. Scales show daily fluctuations

Your weight can vary by 2-3kg each day, depending on what you eat, hydration level, fluid retention and bowel movements. Daily weight changes do not reflect changes in muscle or fat.

3. Scales can distract you from better habits

Obsessing about kilos takes your mind away from celebrating positive habits, like eating two fruits today or achieving three workouts this week. Ensure you cheer for all your small changes.

4. Scales shouldn’t dictate your mood

So, the scales didn’t change today. It doesn’t mean you have to feel down. Don’t let your bathroom scales set your mood for the day.

5. Scales show a number, not how you look

If your clothes fit better, you look leaner in the mirror and people comment that you’ve lost weight, why weigh yourself? You’ve got enough proof it’s working!

How to measure success

Weigh yourself once when you start getting into shape. Then use tape measurements (waist, hips, etc), the mirror and how your clothes fit to see changes.

Check for changes once a week or less often – not every day! You can weigh yourself after four weeks if you need to, but I’m hoping you’ll see and feel your success without it.

Now that you’ve finished reading, you may want to consider chucking out your bathroom scales. I’m serious, if you feel like you have become a slave to the scales then take a new approach and liberate yourself. It will feel like you’ve just got rid of a bad friend. You don’t need them.


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