Love yourself, you deserve it!

Sometimes, a real breakthrough in results comes when you start loving yourself. When you love and respect yourself, you attract and feel more love. The tips below can help you build a better relationship with the number one person in your life – you!

Why we fall out of love with ourselves

It often starts comparing our looks to others. Putting others' needs before our own makes it worse. Then, in our head, we only hear bad things about ourselves.

7 Ways to love & nurture yourself

Try just one of these tips and things will improve. Try them all and you may surprise yourself at the change:

1. Stop comparing yourself to others – Focus on your own strengths and qualities. Practice gratitude and offer thanks for your talents.

2. List your positive characteristics – What makes you special? List down what a good friend would say about you – take the compliments.

3. Say affirmations – I am worthy, I have the resolve to succeed and I am deserving of happiness. Remind yourself daily that you deserve it.

4. Start saying 'No' – Stop saying 'Yes' to everyone else's demands. It's hard at first, but that's how to teach people to respect you.

5. Schedule "Me Time" – Prioritise time out for yourself and allow yourself to have a rest without any guilt that you are being lazy.

6. Stop saying bad things about yourself – Treat yourself like your very best friend would by saying kind words to yourself. Don't beat yourself up.

7. Let go of the past – Drop your emotional baggage by forgiving others and forgiving yourself. If you need help to talk about stuff, get it.

What happens when you love yourself?

It's worth the effort to take the actions above because changing your mindset about yourself is so powerful. You'll start to make more time for fitness and nutrient-rich food. And you'll naturally put your health and happiness as high priorities in your life. You deserve it!

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