Recruiting social support part 1 - Buddies

Making changes to your diet and exercise patterns are easier when you have a powerful network of social support. Research shows that people who enlist family, friends or workmates to support them are more successful at managing their weight.

To help you build your success support crew, first consider who is helping and who is hindering your progress. Recruit Buddies and Cheerleaders to your team. You’ll also need to manage any Hecklers and Saboteurs, who tend to undermine your success.

A series of related articles will show you how it works and some useful tips. And don’t forget the vital role of a weight-loss advisor or coach, who will help you with information, guidance and understanding.

This article describes Buddies and how to recruit them.


A buddy is someone who partners with you on your program. Your buddy may be your partner, friend or workmate. They often share similar weight loss goals and join you to achieve them. The biggest benefit of having a buddy is in creating accountability to another person who cares about your success.

How a buddy can help:

  • Enrol in a program with you

  • Commit to physical activity sessions with you – daily or weekly

  • Call or text you when they have done their own activity session

  • Choose an event (eg. fun walk or run) to enter together and train for

  • Share a challenge for effort (eg. exercise frequency, kilos lost) with the weekly winner receiving a prize (eg. cash, clothing voucher, massage)

  • Help shop for and prepare healthy food

  • Agree to be your emergency contact when you have an urge to give in

  • Make a time to catch up each week to share success and challenges

Who could you ask to be your buddy?

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