Seven ways to boost your willpower

You are putting the effort into your fitness workouts. But are you neglecting your mindset? Think about adding these seven "willpower workouts" to create an even stronger, healthier you.

But first, rethink your belief about willpower.
The idea of personal willpower is loaded with pressure & guilt - but it doesn't have to be.

The mindset exercises below will help you rethink how willpower works. They will liberate you from thoughts about having weak willpower & energise you to train your willpower. 

Willpower is like a muscle. It gets stronger when you use it. But, like a muscle, willpower can become fatigued if you don’t look after it and know the limits of your willpower. Here are 7 ways to boost and re-energise willpower:

1. Set a powerful goal – Set one powerfully, personal goal to focus on. It may be about health, clothes or an event to complete. Keep your goal top of mind every day by writing it down and posting it on your fridge. Add a reward too!

2. Make a plan – A plan is a rehearsal for success. Weekly menus, shopping lists, exercise schedules all help to bolster willpower, by minimising surprises and creating a storyboard for success.

3. Remove temptations – Until your willpower has the stamina, don’t fatigue it with food challenges. Remove treats from the house.

4. Recruit support – Ask family, friends or workmates to support you with positive encouragement. Ask them not to undermine your self-control. Inform them clearly that their help will strengthen your willpower.

5. Set reminders – Post-it notes with personal messages to yourself, a gym-bag packed the night before or an alarm on your phone to get to the gym on time – these reminders all help until willpower works automatically.

6. Manage your mood – Sleep deprivation and stress can cause you to overly rely on willpower, especially when plans get hijacked. Get adequate sleep and factor in time to relax. Like your mobile phone, your willpower needs to recharge regularly. 

7. Strengthen with self-control – Like a heavy weight at the gym, resisting a treat takes an effort. But do it once or twice and willpower grows stronger, making it easier to resist temptation.

Apply these strategies and you’ll experience that wonderful feeling when you know your willpower is fit and strong, keeping you in shape automatically.

Think differently about willpower & make willpower fitness just as important as physical exercise!

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