The cake is honest concept

Cake is honest

In March 2019, I was in the audience at a Woolworth's Australia HQ for event at which Jamie Oliver spoke and shared this gem of a concept.

"Cake is honest. It’s never lied to you. But cake in a breakfast cereal or cake in a can of baked beans is not honest."

What he seemed to be referring to was that cake does not try to hide the fact that it's high in sugar and fat. And when you make a cake at home, you can see how much sugar and fat goes in it.

Contrast this with other foods (mainly packaged foods) that may be sources of hidden sugars and processed fats, but market themselves as healthy.

Enjoying honest cake

This makes me think we should be honest about cake and treat it as a sometimes food to be enjoyed, rather than banned.

And that maybe processed foods with hidden sugars should continue to have their honesty questioned.


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