The only dietary guideline we need


This is the dietary guideline we have to have and possibly the only one we need...

" to eliminate or at least reduce ultra-processed foods in your diet in favor of a balanced variety of unprocessed, nutrient-packed foods."

By NIH Director Francis S. Collins in his blog on 21st May 2019. 

Think of the women in the picture...

What would be guiding her food choices if the above statement was a dietary guideline?

What foods would she be looking for on the shelves?

How would she be looking at ingredients lists?

What would national nutrition education programs be advising her?

How would her child's daycare food policy change?

And how would food companies respond to this dietary guideline by switching from minimally required nutrient reformulation to a transformation to minimally processed foods?

NIH Director Collins says...

" follow the advice shared by all those otherwise conflicting diet plans" and "most nutrition experts agree on one thing: it’s best to steer clear of ultra-processed foods".

So, everyone (all the diet tribes) should agree on this and if everyone campaigned for the change, it would happen. It already has in Brazil.

As Sharon Natoli insightfully explained in our recent "The End of Ultra-Processed Foods" Online Event this is about a value change. It's the emergence of a new normal on what is accepted for foods and health.

With the new 'landmark' ultra-processed foods study by Kevin Hall it's no longer about macronutrients, fortification and reformation that produces a "better for you" ultra-processed food. It's no longer about the Health Star Rating.

That one statement above would trigger a revolution in food processing, the emergence of truly more wholesome, natural and authentically good for you foods. And would reinforce traditional food values.

There is now an opportunity to make a change and see that one statement get into our dietary guidelines.


The End of Ultra-Processed Foods Recorded Webinar

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