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The fats & oils update you need

Where exactly is the science on fats and oils? Have things changed?

Is butter back? Is cheese on the menu? Do you need to cut the fat off meat?

Which oils should you prioritize in whole and packaged foods for optimum health?

Download this webnar to get the research, insights and perspectives you need to provide current advice on fats and oils to your clients and consumers.

Our speaker panel will answer the big questions about coconut oil, palm oil, seed oils, fish oils and more to help build the healthiest diet.


1. The coconut oil craze

by Matt O'Neill - 5 Minutes

  • Coconut oil - superfood or super-marketing?
  • The big questions about dietary fats and oils

2. Saturated fat - Is there a debate?

by Prof Catherine Itsiopoulos - 30 minutes

  • Is saturated fat still bad for your heart?
  • Looking beyond fatty acid profile
  • Is there one oil to cook with?
  • Fatty foods the healthiest people eat

3. Omega-3's - Metabolic & mind benefits

by Prof Barbara Meyer - 30 minutes

  • What omega-3's can and can't do
  • An update on omega-6/3 ratio
  • Which foods do we get out omega-3's from
  • Who should take fish oil capsules?

4. Fats and oils - in our practice and on our plate

by Beth Meertens, APD - 30 minutes

  • Fats and oils in the Australian food supply
  • Is food reformulation and labelling working?
  • Turning complex science into simple advice
  • Guidelines on dietary fat: where we’ve come from and where we’re going

Speaker chat - 15 minutes

Catherine, Barbara and Beth will answer key questions and discuss trends and predictions for fats and oils.

    Your speakers

    Prof Catherine Itsiopoulos

    MPH, PhD, APD

    Catherine is a recognised leader in Dietetics and has international standing as a leader in Mediterranean diet research. She is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, a Professor of Dietetics and Human Nutrition, leads the Food Cluster of the Securing Food Water and the Environment Research Focus Area and is the Head of School of Allied Health at La Trobe University.

    Catherine’s specific research area of interest is Mediterranean diet studies focusing both on migration impact on diet and lifestyle and chronic disease risk and dietary clinical intervention trials using the traditional Cretan Mediterranean diet (and elements of) as intervention models.

    This research has examined in the prevention and management of metabolic syndrome, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression and mood disorders and more recently childhood asthma.

    Catherine has authored over 70 peer-reviewed publications with 1640 citations.

    She has also authored an RACGP HANDII Clinical Guideline on Mediterranean Diet in CHD management, 3 book chapters, co-edited a Nutrition textbook, and has published 2 Mediterranean Diet Cookbooks (The Mediterranean Diet 2013, The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook 2015) which are used in multicentre clinical trials in Australia.17.

    Connect with Catherine on LinkedIn and at Latrobe University.

    Prof Barbara Meyer

    BSc(Hons), RNutr, PhD

    Barbara is a professor in the School of Medicine and Director of the Lipid Research Centre at the University of Wollongong, NSW.

    The primary focus of Barbara’s research is in the area of lipids and fatty acid metabolism, most notably the health benefits of omega-3 fat.

    Barbara has 86 peer-reviewed scientific journal publications and 120 national and international conference abstracts. She has been invited to 11 International and 19 National conferences since 2009.

    Barbara’s highest cited 2003 publication with 299 citations was the catalyst for informing the Australian Government’s National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Nutrient Reference Values for dietary intakes of omega-3 fats.

    Together with colleagues from UOW and Universities of South Australia, NSW, and Newcastle, Barbara is leading an NHMRC Partnership Grant, Does Omega-3 Supplementation Attenuate Aggressive Behaviour: A Multi-Centre Randomised Controlled Trial of a Broadly Disseminable Strategy 2016-2020. $1,809,278 ($964,000 partners; $845,278 NHMRC).

    Barbara was awarded the Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA) Medal Award in 2016 for her outstanding record in the field of nutrition. 

    Connect with Barbara at the University of Wollongong.

    Beth Meertens

    B Hlth Sci (Nutr & Diet), Grad cert Public Health, APD

    Beth is an APD specialising in public health nutrition and food policy.

    Beth is an Accredited Practising Dietitian specialising in public health nutrition and food policy.

    In her current role with the National Heart Foundation of Australia, Beth is the Evidence & Policy Manager and responsible for leading evidence reviews across key health topics and advising on emerging areas and evidence processes.

    Beth is also the Strategic Lead for Food & Nutrition at the Heart Foundation. The Heart Foundation is Australia’s leading heart health charity, with over 50 years’ experience in providing evidence-based nutrition messages to health professionals and the community.

    Beth has been a nutrition spokesperson for the Heart Foundation, represented the nutrition/dietitian sector on the Australian Government’s Healthy Food Partnership’s Portion Size Working Group, and a committee member of the DAA’s Public Health & Community Nutrition Interest Group. 

    More about the National Heart Foundation.

    Matt O'Neill

    BSc (SpSci), MSc(Nut&Diet)
    Director, Smartshape Centre for Weight Management

    Matt is a Dietitian, passionate about evidence-based nutrition advice that evokes change and delivers outcomes for clients. He is Founder of the SmartShape Centre for Weight Management, where he delivers inspiring training, resources and business support for health professionals.

    Matt has presented seminars, keynotes and workshops in eight countries and has given over 1000 media interviews.

    Matt has been the nutritionist for the Australian Consumers’ Association, weight loss coach for Men’s Health Magazine (Australia), sports dietitian for the Sydney City Roosters and a TV regular providing nutrition and dietary advice for over 25 years.

    His own weight management program, Metabolic Jumpstart has attracted 25,000 participants and over 75 official partners.

    Matt's SmartShape webinars find the facts between the fiction on the hottest nutrition topics.

    Connect with Matt on Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn and at here at Smartshape.

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    • Dietitians
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    • Dietetic students
    • Food marketers
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