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Genetic Testing for Weight Management Recorded Webinar

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DNA Personalisation?

Can new genetic markers help personalise weight management to increase success?

Recent advances in Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) have identified over 300 genetic variations implicated in obesity, metabolism, body composition, appetite and behaviour.

But which genes really matter - FTO, MCR4, PC1 or others?

Are you destined to be the shape of your genes? Or can your DNA determine your breakthrough diet and exercise plan?

How do the ever growing number of direct-to-consumer DNA testing programs stack up to the science?

We audit DNA tests to show you - MyDNA, Nutrigenomix, FitnessGenes, etc.

And how close are we to tailored genomic weight management?

If you are a dietitian, nutritionist, fitness professional, doctor, weight loss counselor or consumer, this is for you.

Become empowered with the genetic knowledge and counselling insights to really know genetic testing for weight management.

The presentations

1. Recent developments in the genetics of obesity

by Prof Lesley Campbell - 30 Minutes

  • Genetic regulation of body composition
  • Recent breakthroughs across the genome
  • Ranking influence of specific genetic mutations
  • Practical advice for client counseling

2. Consumer genetic tests and advice

by Matt O'Neill, APD - 30 minutes

  • The genetic testing marketplace for weight loss
  • Specific gene tests by MyDNA, Nutrigenomix, etc
  • What customised advice is being provided
  • Lessons from the DIETFITS study

    Speaker chat - 15 minutes

    Lesley and Matt will discuss attendee questions, trends, ethics and issues about genetic testing for weight management.

      Your speakers

      Prof Lesley Campbell

      Lab Head, Clinical Diabetes, Appetite and Metabolism - Garvan Institute of Medical Research
      Senior Endocrinologist - Diabetes Service, St Vincent's Hospital
      Professor of Medicine - University of NSW

      Lesley conducts clinical research in diabetes, obesity and insulin resistance, focusing on the underlying causes of type 2 diabetes and obesity. She has published over 230 peer-reviewed papers, editing books, manuals, and writing book chapters.

      She was a member of the Organising Committee of the 2006 International Congress on Obesity, chaired national and international professional committees and is a past President of the Australasian Society for the Study of Obesity and past chair of national and international diabetes- and obesity-related committees.

      Lesley has written and edited books, articles and teaching material for the public, students and professionals about diabetes and obesity, and writes about discrimination against people with diabetes or obesity.

      Her clinical work and research includes advocacy for people coping with the daily challenges of life with diabetes and weight problems. Lesley has served on national and international committees and as medical consultant to lay diabetes groups.

      Lesley received the Swedish Society of Medicine Medal and the Sir Kempson Maddox Award by Diabetes Australia and has been invited to speak in Denmark, Sweden, Thailand and Malaysia. She has spoken and written about the gender gap in treatment of cardiovascular disease in diabetic women.

      Her recent research has highlighted unmet needs in diabetes distress and depression. In collaboration with the team at the Black Dog Institute she has been working in diabetes depression treatment funded by an NHMRC grant.

      Connect with Lesley on LinkedIn and at the Garvin Institute.

      Matt O'Neill

      BSc (SpSci), MSc(Nut&Diet)
      Director, Smartshape Centre for Weight Management

      Matt is a Dietitian, passionate about evidence-based nutrition advice that evokes change and delivers outcomes for clients. He is Founder of the SmartShape Centre for Weight Management, where he specialises in inspiring training, resources and business support for health professionals.

      Matt has presented seminars, keynotes and workshops around the world. With SmartShape’s webinars, he shares his curiosity for the truth about controversial topics in nutrition.

      Matt has been the nutritionist for the Australian Consumers’ Association, weight loss coach for Men’s Health Magazine (Australia), sports dietitian for the Sydney City Roosters and a TV regular providing nutrition and dietary advice for over 20 years. His own weight management program, Metabolic Jumpstart has attracted over 24,000 participants and over 75 official partners.

      Connect with Matt on Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn and at here at Smartshape.

      Who is this webinar for?

      • Dietitians
      • Nutritionists
      • Dietetic students
      • Fitness professionals
      • Health coaches
      • Weight management consultants
      • DNA testing companies

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