SmartShape: The Key to Collaboration in the Industry.

Victor Bommelaer

Read : 3 min - 10 August 2023

SmartShape: The Key to Collaboration in the Industry.

Discover how SmartShape, our innovative digital twin solution, is transforming collaboration within major industries such as naval, military, energy, water treatment, and aerospace. By focusing on conversational artificial intelligence, collaborative mode, and offline availability, SmartShape revolutionizes the interpretation of industrial data.

An industrial meta-universe: the promise of SmartShape

To address the challenge of the increasing volume and complexity of data in the industry, we have created SmartShape. It is a digital twin that brings together all relevant data in one collaborative and responsive place. Its ability to transform this data into visually understandable shapes makes SmartShape a true industrial meta-universe.


SmartShape: the intelligent merging of data.

SmartShape is a synthesis of shapes (2D mockups, 2D plans, photogrammetry, etc.), business data (spreadsheets, API, sensors, ERP, PLM, MES, etc.), code (processes, instrumentation, data mining, machine learning, AI) and collaboration. The accessibility of SmartShape on tablet, web, and 3D streaming makes understanding and using the data easier without changing tools. Learn more about the SmartShape concept.


Compatibility and security with SmartShape

The versatility of SmartShape lies in its compatibility with all CAD software and all data sources. Based on web standards, it is a universal application, available in a browser without any installation or download. With SmartShape, say goodbye to digital duplicates which are a source of data fragmentation. Moreover, SmartShape ensures a high level of data security and sovereignty, making the solution ideal for a wide range of industries.


Compelling use cases: evidence of SmartShape’s effectiveness

  1. Atlantique Shipyard: SmartShape has enabled the replacement of 2D paper plans with a 3D collaborative digital twin for the construction of over 10 ships. A 3D collaborative digital twin was used by 1000 users to create and manage 3 million unique elements and 400 million unique attributes. Learn more about the impact of SmartShape in the naval sector.
  2. Suez: Thanks to SmartShape, Suez was able to create a digital twin of its water and sewage treatment network, thereby reducing health risks for its employees. The digital twin facilitated knowledge management and intervention planning, thus reducing on-site operations.
  3. Bureau Veritas: With SmartShape, Bureau Veritas was able to replace 2D PDF plans with a 4D collaborative digital twin, connected to a feedback management platform on a “sovereign cloud.”

Thanks to SmartShape, these industries have been able to improve their processes, optimize their costs, and maximize their productivity. To find out how SmartShape can help you, contact us.

What is SmartShape?

SmartShape is a digital twin solution that allows for collaboration, AI integration, and offline availability for better management of industrial data.

For which industries is SmartShape intended?

SmartShape is intended for various industries such as naval, military, energy, water treatment, and aerospace.

What are the benefits of SmartShape?

SmartShape offers benefits such as online and offline collaboration, conversational AI integration, visually comprehensible data visualization, and compatibility with all CAD software.

How can I contact the SmartShape team?

You can contact us through our contact page on our website.

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