SmartShape is your source of inspiring weight management tips, tools and training from leading dietitian and health coach, Matt O'Neill.

About Matt O'Neill

Dietitian/Nutritionist, Speaker, Educator, Thought Leader
BSpSc, MSc(Nut&Diet)

Matt O'Neill is one of Australia's top Nutritionists.

He's a regular on Channel 7's The Morning Show and has also been the Weight Loss Coach for Men's Health Magazine (Aust). His trusted advice has helped millions of people enhance their diet, wellbeing and body shape.

Matt is the Director and Nutritionist at the SmartShape Centre for Weight Management, which he founded in 2000 to provide people with inspring weight loss tips tools and training.

He has delivered over 1000 media interviews, hundreds of seminars, corporate presentations and has presented in 8 countries. Matt has been a recipient of both the Australian Fitness Network's Presenter of the Year and Author of the Year Awards. He has presented at every FILEX Convention since its beginning.

As a Sports Dietitian, Matt has worked with the Sydney City Roosters Rugby League Football Club and Eastwood Rugby Club.

Before he founded SmartShape, Matt was the Nutritionist and Senior Food Policy Officer for the Australian Consumers Association / Choice Magazine.

Matt has shared his expertise as member of government, university and industry committees, including;

  • NH&MRC Overweight & Obesity Working Group
  • Weight Loss Code Administration Council of Australia
  • Fitness Industry Code of Practice
  • Advertising Standards Council of Australia (ACA Representative)
  • Food Standards Regulation Review Committee (ACA Representative)
  • Deakin University Post-Graduate Nutrition Advisory Committee
  • Fitness Australia Nutrition Reference Group (DAA Representative)

Matt is on a mission - Mission Metabolism - to Jumpstart the nation (and the world) to eat well, be active and maintain a healthy metabolism.

His Metabolic Jumpstart nutrition and weight management system has provided over 25,000 individual diet plans and is now available to health professionals to use to get breakthrough results with their clients.

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