What is SmartShape?

Victor Bommelaer

Read : 4 min - 15 May 2023

SmartShape is an innovative digital twin solution that allows for the design, manufacture, and maintenance of industrial projects in a more efficient and collaborative way. This cutting-edge technology was designed to help businesses improve their productivity and profitability through real-time visualization tools and live monitoring. In this article, we will explore the key features of SmartShape, the benefits it offers to businesses, and the industry sectors in which it can be used.

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Key features of SmartShape

  • Decision support tool

SmartShape is a tool that puts the human at the center of the approach. By enhancing and evolving skills, SmartShape allows for increased productivity while respecting everyone’s competencies.

  • Real-time Collaboration:

SmartShape is also a collaborative tool that enables fluid and efficient team working. Team members can easily share information and collaborate on a project in real-time. SmartShape also allows for tracking a project’s progress over time and adapting to changes in an agile manner.

  • Live Monitoring:

SmartShape is capable of providing accurate information in real-time due to its live monitoring features. This function is particularly useful in large-scale projects that require constant supervision to avoid delays and mistakes.

  • Adaptability:

SmartShape is also a scalable solution that can be tailored to different industry sectors. This technology can be used in manufacturing, energy, transportation, health, and many other sectors.

The benefits of SmartShape for businesses

  • Enhancing Productivity and Efficiency

By using SmartShape, businesses can save time by avoiding re-shaping and construction errors. SmartShape also allows for a more efficient and seamless collaboration between the different stakeholders in the project, thus enhancing communication and decision-making.

  • Cost and Time Reduction

SmartShape enables the reduction of construction costs and timelines by providing a comprehensive and accurate view of the project. This allows businesses to better plan their budget and schedule, thereby reducing financial risks and delays.

  • Improving Product Quality

SmartShape offers several features that help improve product quality. Firstly, through its real-time collaboration, teams can work together to ensure that all tasks are accomplished correctly. Moreover, with live monitoring, teams can oversee the production process and intervene in real-time if necessary. Lastly, SmartShape’s adaptability enables easy adjustments to changes in the production process, ensuring product quality.

  • Boosting Competitiveness with SmartShape

SmartShape allows businesses to enhance their competitiveness by improving their productivity and efficiency. By using SmartShape, businesses can reduce production costs and timelines, allowing them to be more competitive in the market. Additionally, enhancing product quality with SmartShape can help businesses stand out from their competitors.

  • Speeding up Decision-making with SmartShape

SmartShape speeds up decision-making by providing real-time information on the production process. Thanks to SmartShape’s decision-support tool, teams can make decisions faster and more effectively. Additionally, SmartShape’s real-time collaboration allows teams to work together and make real-time decisions.

  • Effective Resource Management with SmartShape

SmartShape allows for effective resource management by providing real-time information on the production process. Teams can monitor the production process and intervene in real-time if necessary, optimizing resource utilization. Moreover, SmartShape’s real-time collaboration allows teams to work together and share information about available resources.



SmartShape for the digital transformation of the company

  • Customizing SmartShape According to Business Needs

SmartShape can be customized to meet the specific needs of each business. Companies can choose features that best meet their requirements and adapt them according to their production process.

  • Improving Process Transparency with SmartShape

SmartShape helps improve process transparency by providing real-time information on the production process. Teams can monitor the production process and have a complete view of all its stages.

  • Using SmartShape for Training and Skill Development

SmartShape can be used for training and skill development. Teams can learn how to use SmartShape features and develop new skills to enhance their efficiency and productivity.

  • Easy Integration of SmartShape into Existing Systems

SmartShape can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems, allowing companies to leverage their current investments while enhancing their efficiency and productivity. Companies can use SmartShape alongside their systems.

In conclusion, SmartShape is a powerful tool for businesses looking to improve their productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness. With its key features such as decision support, real-time collaboration, live monitoring, and adaptability, SmartShape ensures efficient resource management and product quality improvement. Moreover, its easy customization and hassle-free integration into existing systems make it a wise choice for the digital transformation of any business.



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