Introducing SmartShape’s New Feature: Snap & Go

Victor Bommelaer

Read : 2 min - 22 January 2024

In our relentless pursuit of innovation and enhancing the capabilities of SmartShape, we are thrilled to introduce our latest feature – Snap & Go. This cutting-edge addition to our Digital Twin platform is designed to revolutionize the way you interact with and share your smart Digital Twins.

What is Snap & Go?

SmartShape, as a connected, programmable, and collaborative Digital Twin platform, has always aimed to simplify complex industrial data and enhance visual interpretation. With Snap & Go, we take a giant leap towards making your Digital Twins more accessible, shareable, and portable.

How does Snap & Go work?

Using Snap & Go is as simple as it sounds. Open the SmartShape app on your laptop, select the model, object, or annotation you want to share, and scan the QR code with your tablet or smartphone. In an instant, your smart Digital Twin becomes pocket-sized, ready to accompany you wherever you go.

Key Benefits of Snap & Go:

  1. Efficient Maintenance Execution: Prepare maintenance tasks on your computer and execute them on-site using a mobile device. This feature streamlines the workflow, making tasks more efficient and convenient.
  2. Seamless Collaboration: Instantly share Digital Twins with your coworkers, promoting seamless collaboration and information sharing within your team.
  3. Real-time Adaptability: Add and update annotations in the office during surveys, enhancing the flexibility and real-time adaptability of your work.
  4. Quick Access to Physical Components: Scan a QR code on a physical part to easily access its Digital Twin. This provides quick and direct access to relevant information about the physical component, streamlining your workflow.

How Snap & Go Enhances Your Work:

SmartShape’s Snap & Go feature opens up new possibilities for industrial applications:

  • On-Site Maintenance: Efficiently execute tasks on-site using mobile devices.
  • Collaboration: Instantly share Digital Twins, fostering seamless collaboration.
  • Real-time Adaptability: Update annotations in real-time during surveys for flexible workflows.
  • Quick Access: Easily access Digital Twins by scanning QR codes on physical components.

Snap & Go is a game-changer, extending the power of SmartShape’s Digital Twins to your pocket. It not only enhances the efficiency of maintenance tasks but also promotes seamless collaboration and real-time adaptability. As we continue to push the boundaries of industrial innovation, SmartShape remains committed to providing solutions that simplify complexity and empower industries to thrive in the digital age.

Experience the future of Digital Twins with Snap & Go – where collaboration meets portability, and data becomes truly accessible. SmartShape, shaping the future of industry 4.0.


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